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The village of Llandegla became a parish around 1200AD

It's in the valley of the River Alyn and is 850 feet (260m) above sea level.

The Offas Dyke path runs through the village, between Chepstow and Prestatyn.

There is a regular bus service (X51) that runs between Wrexham and Denbigh every hour. Arriva Bus Service X51


Arriva Wales Tel: 08712 002233

Pioneer Stores 1940s


Coffee Kettle 1960s
Coffee kettle 1960s
Coffee kettle 1976
The Willows 2003

The Willows

In 1976 Mr & Mrs Owens bought the property and enlarged the catering business into the Willows. They ran the restaurant successfully for 27 years until 2003.

The Willows

Phil & Margaret Owens. The property then changed hands a few times from 2003 with owners only staying a few years. The property was left empty for 2 years until we bought the property in 2010. We used part of the building as an office and with a suggestion from Mr & Mrs Owen's (the previous owners) we opened up part of the building as a cafe. This later turned into a restaurant with a bar which continued until 2018.

Pioneer Stores.

After the First World War 1914-1918 an ex serviceman (Mr & Mrs TP Smith) built on a piece of waste land at the side of the road what was later to become The Pioneer Stores (around the 1940s). The Post Office moved into the stores and Mr Smith also generated electricity for the local area.

The building was later also used partly for a nursery school, hair dressing salon and then a tea shop and the name changed to the Coffee Kettle.

The Willows to Welsh Row House

We started the conversion into holiday accommodation in 2018 and changed the name to Welsh Row House, a new chapter in the history of this property. We still live above in a separate flat but the whole ground floor is now one large holiday let. Much of the layout remains the same, but with addition of three bedrooms. The bar still remains but its now a breakfast bar.

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